Lighting plays a major role in any energy savings project. Implementing LED lighting retrofits offer excellent energy savings, and improved visual quality, while reducing maintenance costs.  


Being a first party mechanical contractor, ABS has access to a diverse selection of HVAC equipment and is very flexible in satisfying the preferences of our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers creative and effective mechanical retrofit solutions.


With many water grants and rebates coming through state and local water providers, water efficiency has been a new up-and-coming focal point for savings. We offer many effective solutions for irrigation and water treatment system retrofits. 

Building Controls and Monitoring

Building controls can range from the simple thermostat to a complex building automation system. ABS leads the way in providing the most cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs. In addition, ABS offers continuous monitoring solutions that will offer real-time energy usage feedback and can preemptively notify staff of potential maintenance repairs before they become costly replacements.  

Advanced Clean Solutions

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems serve as a very effective vehicle for driving high levels of savings in energy projects. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), along with flexible financing options are available. Battery storage is another creative solution that reduces your peak demand load, effectively lowering your electric bill.